Post 10147 Celebrates the Troops With a Wartime Museum to Preserve the Heroic Efforts of GIs Who Fought on Foreign Soil

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Wartime Museum

Our museums includes memorabila of foreign wars since World War I. Our members and Central Florida residents have contributed uniforms, patches, insignia, flags, pictures, books, models, and documentary videos covering a century of their lives and their those of their loved ones.

The premier item of the museum is Jon Echon's leather flight jacket from WWII (on right). He wore this flight jacket for 35 missions over Germany. Nearby is his wife's uniform from her service during the same war.

The museum and community center are always in need of support. Community members are able to dedicate barrister bookcases, chairs, pavers, and other plaques in honor of their loved ones. Just click on the Contact Us page and indicate the that you would like to make a dedication and you will be contacted.